Outreach with Calgary Public Library (U of A)

In addition to research, I am actively involved in science outreach, and have over three years of full time professional experience in public science outreach.  I have given science presentations to tens of thousands of adults and children, on topics from palaeontology, liquid nitrogen, fire, chemistry, sound waves, to human digestion, and more!  I am well versed in public guiding and facilitation, have developed programming and exhibits for public museums and classroom presentations, and have led and trained numerous staff teams of guides/facilitators.

Presenting at Jurassic Forest (Staff)

Examples of recent presentations:

Telus Spark (Staff)

Dino Camp with Calgary Public Libraries (U of A Volunteer)

Alberta Science Network (Volunteer)

Grade 6 – Fossil Trackways (Evidence and Investigation)

University of Alberta Earth Sciences Department (Volunteer)

Grade 4 – Palaeontology in Alberta (Alberta: A Sense of the Land)
Kindergarten – Dino family Tree
Grade 3 – Rocks and Minerals

Volunteering with the University of Alberta’s palaeontology program

Upcoming events:

Feb. 27, 2018 – Invited talk – “Modern Perspectives and Palaeo Insights” University of Alberta Palaeontological Society *open to the public*
March 11, 2018 – Invited Keynote, University of Alberta Palaeontological Society’s Biennial Symposium – “Snails on Acid: Effects of ocean acidification and fear on gastropod shell defenses” *registration required*

Current presentation opportunities:

If you are interested in a classroom or public presentation, please let me know!  I travel regularly between Edmonton, Calgary, Cochrane, and the surrounding areas.

I currently volunteer through the University of Alberta and Alberta Science Network.