Fossil Friday #8 – Science Literacy Week

It’s Science Literacy Week here in Canada, so in celebration, this week’s Fossil Friday post is a short compilation of some great books and reading resources for anyone interested in palaeontology, ecology, evolution, and even the Canadian Rockies.

Here’s a list of some of my favourite natural science related books:

(1) A Natural History of Shells.
Vermeij, G. J. 1993. Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey.

This one is probably my favourite textbooks of all time.  If you like evolution, palaeontology, or ecology, go read everything by Geerat Vermeij.  He is a genius and arguably one of the top scientists in the world right now.

Image result for A Natural History of Shells book


(2) Fossil Invertebrates
Richard S. Boardman, R. S., Cheetham, A. H., and Rowell, A. J. 1987. Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford.

There is another book by the same title published by Taylor and Lewis in 2007.

(3) Fossil Invertebrates
Taylor, P. D., and Lewis, D. N. 2007. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Paul Taylor is another leader in the field, and has done a lot of work on encrustation/biotic interactions.  I recommend many of the papers he and Mark Wilson have written.

Image result for fossil invertebrates taylor and lewis


(4) Invertebrate Palaeontology and Evolution.
Clarkson, E. N. K. 4th edition. 2008. Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford.

Image result for invertebrate palaeontology and evolution clarkson 4th edition


(5) Geographical Ecology: Patterns in the Distribution of Species.
MacArthur, R. H. 1984. Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey.

This one is pretty math-heavy, but it is considered a classic, and one of the last things MacArthur wrote (he died quite young). MacArthur was another genius and is generally regarded as the top ecologist of all time (he, along with E. O. Wilson, came up with major ecological theories, such as island biogeography).

Image result for macArthur books ecology

(6)Predator-Prey Interactions in the Fossil Record.
Eds. Kelley, P. H., Kowalewski, M., Hansen, T. A. 2003. Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, New York, New York.

Full of really interesting chapters on a large variety of animals from a lot of different authors.

Image result for predator prey book kelley

(7) Handbook of the Canadian Rockies
Gadd, B. reprint 2016. Corax Press, Canmore, Alberta.

I’ve included this one because it covers everything from plants, to birds, to geology, and even humans!  Great for a general audience, and a super fun, informative, and entertaining read!


(7) Living and Fossil Brachiopods.
M. J. S. Rudwick. 1970. Hutchinson University Library, London

A must-read for anyone studying brachiopods.  It might be a bit outdated, but it is very comprehensive and easy to read.

Image result for Living and fossil brachiopods rudwick

There are lots of other classics out there, such as anything by S. J. Gould, M. Rosenzwig, etc., etc., etc.

What are you reading right now?  Anything to add to my list?  Leave me a comment, and happy reading!


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